May 31, 2021

Agrifirm takes steps towards responsible food chain


Royal Agrifirm Group has worked on further increasing the sustainability of the food chain last year, and such efforts are explained in the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2020 that was published on May 27.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Agrifirm was able to support the development and implementation of resource-efficient and circular solutions, the company said.


"We are proud that the greenhouse gas emissions of our own operations were reduced 50% through the actions of (our) Operational Excellence team and the purchase of green electricity partly produced by our own farmers in the Netherlands," said Ruud Tijssens, Agrifirm's group director of public and cooperative affairs.


In the Netherlands, Agrifirm's home market, the company is very involved in developing new crop protection strategies that score significantly better in terms of environmental impact.


Last year, Agrifirm launched concepts and products designed to stimulate the recovery of biodiversity. As a founding partner of the Dutch Delta Plan Biodiversity, the company fosters practical implementations to restore ecosystems, landscapes and the diversity of species. Biodiversity ensures pollination and a vital soil life, which is crucial for a high level of agricultural production, Agrifirm said.


Royal Agrifirm Group has been working on a sustainable food chain for future generations, and these efforts include:


- The company being awarded by the Chinese government for its antibiotic-free animal husbandry solutions;


- The reduction of plastic use in Agrifirm's Latin American operations;


- The development of a poultry concept in Poland, involving the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by using regional raw materials;


- A focus on improving animal health in the Middle East and Africa.


In addition to these projects, responsible sourcing is a key issue with Agrifirm.


"70% of our raw materials is proven to be purchased in a responsible manner. We have projects running to improve this figure, for example, in the corn supply chain," said Tijssens.


"It will be a long way to achieve 100%, but we will walk this road."


- Agrifirm