May 31, 2021

Skretting Australia to expand production capacity in Tasmania, Australia


Nutreco's aquaculture division, Skretting, has announced on May 24 its intention to expand its production capacity through the purchase of Ridley's extrusion facility in Westbury, Tasmania, Australia.


The move is a continuation of Skretting's long-term commitment to the Australian and New Zealand aquaculture industries, the company said.


"We have been producing aquafeed from our Cambridge facility in Tasmania since the 1990s, and today proudly employ over 90 staff," said Melissa Abbott, general manager of Skretting Australia.


"I am pleased that we are expanding our manufacturing capacity to enable us to continue our long-term commitment to clients and partners across the broader Australian and New Zealand aquaculture industries. I am very proud of what our team has and continues to achieve and the role that we play in supporting local communities. It's an exciting day for the Skretting team."


Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans said: "Skretting Australia is an important part of our global business. This is a strategically important investment for us in a growing and leading industry, and we intend to continue to partner with local leaders for many years to come."


The transaction is subject to approval from the Australian competition and consumer commission (ACCC) and is expected to conclude this year.


- Skretting