May 31, 2011


Ukraine ships 600,000 tonnes of grain in May



Ukraine shipped out 600,000 tonnes of grain in May whereas the forecast for June's export is one million tonnes, according to the Ukraine Grain Association on Monday (May 30).


Poor harvest last year, caused by a drought, saw the government impose a quota of 2.7 million tonnes on the export of grain between October 19 and December 31, comprising 500,000 tonnes of wheat, 200,000 tonnes of barley, two million tonnes of corn and 1,000 tonnes each for rye and buckwheat.


Later, the grain export quota was extended to the end of June this year and increased by 3.5 million tonnes, including 500,000 tonnes of wheat and three million tonnes of corn. The corn export quota was abolished on May 5.


Last week, the Ukrainian government decided to abolish the existing grain export quotas, replacing them with export duties.


Ukraine's parliament has approved grain export duties, to apply until January 1, 2012.

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