May 30, 2016


Indonesia seeks to increase fish exports


Indonesia is seeking the lifting of Russia's ban on Indonesian fish and fish products due to sanitary issues, as it tries to recover from plummeting exports.

In a meeting between Indonesian Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti and Ilya Shestakov, chair of the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation at the Asean-Russia Summit held on May 19-20, Indonesia sought Russia's cancellation of the registration of over 100 Indonesian fish processing units.


Russia revoked the registration of 167 fish processing units in 2013 because, according to Minister Pudjiastuti, "Indonesia's fish contained mercury, heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms". A year later, he added, 15 processing units were recognised by Russia as meeting its health standards. Indonesia wants at least another 11 processing units added to the Russian list of registered Indonesian fish processing units.


The Indonesian government has yet to recover from its plummeting fish export. In 2014, its fish exports plunged to US$7.6 million in value from the previous year's $44.4 million. Last year, exports saw a heartening increase to $13.8 million, but still a far cry from the 2014 level.

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