May 28, 2018


ADDCON holds annual distributor summit


Press release



The venue for ADDCON's annual distributor summit this year was New Delhi, India. A three days event was organised during 16th April to 19th April 2018. It can be said that the event was a big success and to the expectations of our thirty distributors in Asia who came all the way from countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia to Japan and Australia.



The event started with the opening dinner on 16th April.


The next day was for the indoor session wherein various informative presentations were done by Dr. Hakan Suyun, Dr. Christian Lückstädt and Dr. Stevan Petrovic.


Before that, Mr. Kurt Wegleitner, welcomed all the distributors and shared some statistics on the global feed market and ADDCON's position in the world Acidifier market. Participants were thrilled to know the fact that Addcon contributes 16% of the share in global market.


Dr. Hakan Suyun gave a wonderful insight on the most dreaded Salmonella infection in poultry and ways and means to control it. Dr. Christian Lückstädt made an elaborate presentation on the burning issue of 'Antibiotic resistance' and its implications on the human population. He suggested more environment friendly and sustainable alternatives, like organic acids, giving more thrust on the use of third generation acidifiers like the combination of diformates with plant alkaloids or monolaurates. Dr. Stevan Petrovic spoke about the importance of biosecurity and hygiene in swine farms.     


Looking at the current Avian Influenza outbreaks in many countries, Dr. J L Vegad, a renowned pathologist and Avian Influenza expert from India was also invited to share his thoughts on the implications of this disease in various countries. His expertise and the style of presentation were highly appreciated by all participants.


The third day was most awaited as a visit to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the 'Taj Mahal', was scheduled on the day. The visit went perfectly well and made the whole event an indelible experience for all the participants!


It must be stated that ADDCON is very happy with its more than enthusiastic and pro-active partners all over the region. The Addcon team and all distributors are looking forward to next year's summit.

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