May 27, 2021

Zoetis launches porcine circovirus vaccine


Zoetis has launched CircoMax Myco, a vaccine that includes two porcine circovirus type two (PCV2) genotypes (a and b), providing broader coverage against PCV2 and protection against two key pathogens — PCV2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae — in the pig industry.


The new product is designed to stimulate both cell-mediated and antibody-based immunity. As such, it delivered a broad immune response that mimics a natural infection. CircoMax Myco has demonstrated robust performance in field conditions, delivering improvements in average daily gain and close-out weights versus negative controls.


The product is made with the MetaStim adjuvant and has a demonstrated safety profile as described in the summary of product characteristics.


Alvaro Aldaz, a director at Zoetis, said: "The swine industry needs to adapt to evolving challenges, and our research has consistently demonstrated that with its unique technology, CircoMax Myco offers robust protection against PCV2 and M hyopneumoniae. It also shows that this new product offers the best chance at protection against continuously evolving PCV2 genotypes – providing a broader umbrella for pig health and productivity.


"Analysis of new European PCV2 strains isolated in multiple countries confirm that Circomax Myco offers broader coverage than competitor vaccines based on PCV2a only," Aldaz added.


- Vet Times