May 27, 2021

HKScan staff at Rakvere, Estonia meat production unit vaccinated against COVID-19


More than 400 HKScan employees were vaccinated against COVID-19 on May 12 at a vaccination centre set up at the company's Rakvere, Estonia meat production unit.


So far, 40% of the company's staff have been vaccinated.


"We have been looking forward to vaccines for our employees, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to finally vaccinate both our employees and their immediate family members," said Anne Mere, executive vice president of HKScan (Baltics). "The interest was as expected and we were able to vaccinate almost 400 people within one day. This enables us to breathe a little easier and reduces the likelihood of large outbreaks of infection among our employees - according to the information provided by the employees after the vaccination, 40% of our staff have been covered with vaccine."


The next dose of vaccine will be administered after four weeks. HKScan Estonia also intends to vaccinate employees at other production units as well.


"As an entrepreneur and employer, we are happy to contribute to the vaccination of everyone interested. Vaccination is everyone's personal decision, but we can ensure that this decision would not remain behind logistical problems or technical knowledge, and it is essential for the employees that it can be done comfortably in the workplace," Mere added.


- HKScan