May 27, 2016


Aviagen launches new global Parent Stock Nutrition Specifications




Aviagen has launched an updated version of its global Parent Stock (PS) Nutrition Specifications for its Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands.


The specifications are consistently reviewed by the Aviagen Global Nutrition Team and reflect ongoing improvements in bird performance as well as the latest available research. The new versions have been updated with a continued focus on body weight and egg weight control, production persistency, better fertility and hatchability to ensure that the bird's needs are met at every age.


The new specifications introduce a breeder three diet to keep better control of body weight and egg weight after 50 weeks.


In addition, an improved amino acids profile to help support feathering and intestinal health has been added. Recommendations for two, three and four-stage rearing programs are now included, reflecting the global nature of the specifications and providing farmers with a greater choice of appropriate diets for their local conditions.


"In order to continue to provide our customers with the most accurate nutrition of our parent stock products, our team is pleased to announce the release of this new version of the Parent Stock Nutrition Specifications," commented Alex Corzo, head of the Global Nutrition Team.


"We believe the updated nutrient values provided in the new recommendations are finely tuned to satisfy the bird's current needs for maintenance, growth and production of eggs".
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