May 27, 2015


Smuggling named Enemy No. 1 of Nigerian poultry sector



Smuggling has become the No. 1 enemy of the Nigerian poultry industry, the Poultry Association of Nigeria said.


PAN National President Ayoola Oduntan said that as much as over US$2 billion worth of poultry products, or over 1.2 million tonnes, mainly chicken and turkey, are being smuggled yearly into the country.


The volume of smuggled products is staggering, considering that the local annual production of Nigeria is only 300,000 tonnes, he said.


"Nigeria cannot continue to be a subtle dumping ground for all kinds of poultry and poultry products", Oduntan told the 2015 edition of the association's annual national poultry summit.


At the same time, Oduntan cited other challenges facing the industry, including the outbreak of bird flu, ‎which has so far affected 25 states and killed 1.4 million birds.


He also warned the industry against the negative impact of the Economic Partnership Agreement and the introduction of the Common External Tariff, which he claimed would discourage local production.


The Assistant Controller of Customs, Musa Binga, who spoke at the same event, promised that the Nigeria Customs Service would intensify its operations against smuggling to enhance the growth of the poultry industry.


"As an evidence of the service's commitment to the protection of the local poultry industry, we have improved on the seizures of smuggled poultry products through various border posts. There has been daily increase in the rate of seizures of poultry products, compared to seizures of other products", he said.


"For instance in 2009, the rate was one per cent per count of total seizures by the service. But by 2013, the rate ran to eight per cent per count of total seizures made by the service", he added.


Oduntan also urged the government to "do everything it can to reopen closed farms and develop the poultry industry, rather than wasting hard-earned foreign exchange on products that gives nothing but financial losses to the economy".

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