May 26, 2020


Kazakhstan eyes to boost poultry output



According to Agriculture Minister Saparkhan Omarov, Kazakhstan is planning to launch 12 broiler plants, Kazinform reported.


At the Tuesday session of the government, Minister Omarov revealed the plans to launch 12 boiler plants in Kazakhstan in the not so distant future. The plants are expected to have an output capacity of 174,000 tones.


Thanks to the launch of a new poultry farm and modernisation of five existing ones last year, poultry production rose by 14% or 223,000 tones, he said.


Minister Omarov is convinced the launch of all upcoming projects in the poultry industry will allow it to grow more than twofold.


According to him, the initial investment will amount to KZT110 billion. Over 4,700 workplaces are to be created within the framework of the projects.