May 25, 2021

BioMar announces new RAS feed concept


BioMar has announced a new recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) feed concept, LARVIVA ORBIT, that aims to improve the efficiency of marine nurseries.


According to the company, the concept will support fry's prolonged time at hatchery before they are transferred to sea. This will aid in the expected acceleration in the use of RAS technology in marine nurseries, and support the development of hatchery businesses for marine fish species.


"We understand how challenging RAS operations can be as this farming technology demands skilled manpower, extra attention to the fish, the system and the importance of specially designed feeds to accommodate the requirements and ultimately, the success of RAS technology," explained Joana Amaral, product manager for marine fish hatcheries at BioMar.


Early stage marine fry can be vulnerable and face additional challenges with life at sea. In recent years, marine hatcheries, primarily in the Mediterranean area, have experienced the need for increasing land-based fry production. This resulted in an accelerated shift from traditional flow through systems to more advanced technologies such as RAS, especially for the nursery and pre-ongrowing phases.


"At BioMar, we have established a solid expertise within the RAS segment based on extensive research and development and experience gained from years of fruitful collaboration with RAS farmers around the world. We felt it was the right time to transfer all this expertise to marine nurseries," Amaral added.

The concept comes with optimised recipes, an improved physical pellet quality and a proven impact on faeces stability and reduction of small solids, addressing the specific needs of RAS facilities.


"Our years of experience have shown us that the dialogue between the hatchery staff and our BioFarm technical advisors is very important to achieve success. That is why "let's do RAS together" is our way of telling our farmers that they are not alone when adapting to changing business conditions or when implementing new technologies," said Henrik Aarestrup, vice-president (LATAM, shrimp and hatchery) at BioMar Group.


BioMar said LARVIVA ORBIT comes at the right time for advancing Mediterranean marine hatchery operations.


LARVIVA ORBIT feeds will be available on June 2021.


- BioMar