May 25, 2016


Anitox to host webinar "Poultry Performance through Better Milling"




Anitox will host a live, complimentary webinar entitled, "Poultry Performance through Better Milling" in June.


The webinar will offer expert advice from Dr. Joseph Moritz, Professor at West Virginia University, US who will share insight into feed manufacturing effects on both physical form and nutrient availability, and the consequential impact on growth performance of modern broiler genotypes.


The webinar will run in three regional sessions for local audiences: EMEA session: June 16 at 2pm-3pm BST (London); America session: June 16 at 2pm-3pm EST (Atlanta); Asia session: June 17 at 9am-10am ICT (Bangkok).


"Pellet quality has economic importance as long as nutrition is not compromised," explains Dr. Moritz. "Unfortunately, little progress has been made towards convincing the meat bird industry that feeding high quality pellets has justifiable advantages for bird performance and overall economics. This lack of progress may be attributed to conflicting results in commercial practice and past literature. In this webinar we will explore how throughput improvements and moisture management can be achieved by adjusting manufacturing techniques with little or no change to nutrient availability."


Specifically, this webinar will cover these sub-topics: nutrient availability effect on bird performance with standardised feed form; feed form effects on bird performance with standardised nutrient availability; effects of pellet quality on ingredient and nutrient segregation.


More information and the registration for the webinar are available at The event will be recorded and available upon request for those unable to attend.
Dr. Joseph Moritz, West Virginia University
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