May 25, 2016


Nutriad serves as Gold Sponsor for VIV Poultry Summit



Nutriad was a Gold Sponsor at VIV's first ever Poultry Summit held in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on May 16-18.


The event's central theme was "A World Without Antibiotics" and brought together a wide range of interested parties and stakeholders from the poultry sector.  The summit was attended by over 200 people, including delegates from across the world. 


The conference addressed six key challenges of the poultry industry, offering insights from a scientific, industrial and consumer perspective on genetic selection and breeding, biosecurity, stress reduction, diet optimisation, consumer acceptance and animal welfare and sustainability.


Dr. Tim Goossens, Nutriad's business development manager for the digestive performance range, gave a presentation entitled "Optimising feed additives; slaying beautiful hypothesis with ugly facts". He discussed important factors concerning yeast cell wall quality, botanical extract properties and coating of butyrate, thereby highlighting Nutriad's position as a "thinker and player" in the feed additives arena.


The World Poultry Conference was the first non-expo event held by VIV and provided Nutriad with an excellent opportunity to further position themselves as an opinion leader on providing solutions for poultry producers in areas where the reduction of antibiotics usage is a key challenge.


Simon Martyn, regional director (EMEA), added: "The importance of gut health and integrity was a key factor highlighted by many of the speakers; Nutriad was 'right on message'. It was a great opportunity to position our company as a leader in a world of poultry production with reduced antibiotic use".

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