May 25, 2016


Salmonella control highlighted at Kemin seminars




Kemin Industries recently provided educational seminars in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand focusing on salmonella control throughout the feed-to-food chain, where livestock producers and feed manufacturers learnt best practices for feed safety.

For the seminars in both Indonesia and Thailand, Dr. Rick Carter, technical services manager of Kemin Industries animal nutrition and health division in Asia, provided expert insights through his presentation entitled "Feed Hygiene and Salmonella – [a] Comprehensive, Integrated and Multiple Hurdle Approach." This multiple hurdle approach called for controlling salmonella at all levels along the feed-to-food chain: raw materials, finished feed, feed mill equipment, and at the farm level.

For the seminar in Thailand, Dr. Carter was followed by John Ratcliff, FACS Ltd, who presented: "Producing Safe Food through Safe Feed." FACS Ltd is a UK-based consultancy, a recognised authority on food safety, providing a global HACCP-based food safety programme with an established client base in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. In 2004, FACS Ltd established an office in Thailand.

Seminar participants saw the increasing awareness of salmonella in Asian countries, hygiene requirements for exports, and some of the latest techniques and practices in Europe and Australia.

Said Dr. K.V Chandrasekar, commercial sales lead, Feed Technology Unit, Kemin Industries animal nutrition and health division in Asia: "This was a unique opportunity for participants to learn about salmonella control programme at different levels from feed mill to farm. The experts provided insights and recommendations that had several participants saying they would like to introduce a salmonella testing protocol or regimen within their feed mill or feed management strategy."

Seminar participants included breeders, integrators, commercial feed manufacturers and farm-level producers. The Jakarta and Bangkok seminars saw about 70 and 60 participants respectively.
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