May 25, 2004




Association Pleased With US Department's Delay On Shrimp Decision


An association representing US consumers of shrimp has said that it was pleased with the US Commerce Department's May 19 decision to delay considering whether to impose penalty tariffs on imported shrimp until July, because of the complicated nature of the case.


"We are confident that if government officials analyse this case fairly and objectively, they will find that no dumping has taken place," said Wally Stevens, chairman of the shrimp task force of the Consuming Industries Association and the American Seafood Distributors Association.


The department said that it would make a preliminary determination on shrimp imported from China and Viet Nam on July 6 and on that imported from Brazil, Ecuador, India and Thailand on July 29. It originally set a June 8 deadline to conclude its investigation. In a notice published in the Federal Register, the department explained it was extending its investigation because "the case is unusually complex, involving multiple countries and numerous respondents."


If the Commerce Department determines that dumping penalties should be imposed, the case will go back to the US International Trade Commission, which will make a final ruling on whether the industry is being harmed by the imports. The commission issued a preliminary determination in February.