May 24, 2023


Iran's poultry production decline 27% year-on-year



Official figures by the Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) showed that the total output of poultry in Iran stood at 143,155 metric tonnes (mt), marking a 27% decline compared to the same period in 2022, Press TV reported.


The SCI further highlights that the supply of poultry to registered slaughterhouses across the country witnessed a 21% drop compared to the calendar month leading up to late March. Chicken production, including both hens and roosters, accounted for over 97% of Iran's poultry output in April, experiencing a significant 27% month-on-month decrease.


The production of turkey meat and ostrich meat in Iran also faced challenges, reaching 1,240 mt and 75 mt, respectively. These figures represent a year-on-year decline of 33% for turkey meat and 22% for ostrich meat during the same period, as reported by the SCI.


These statistics come as the Iranian government continues its efforts to tackle the soaring prices of food in the country. Experts believe that the surge in meat prices is partly attributed to reduced supplies of animal feed due to higher international prices.


Additionally, recent SCI data also revealed that Iran's annual inflation rate reached 47.6% in April, marking one of the highest rates reported by the country in recent years.


-      Press TV

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