May 24, 2023


Indonesia's Deputy Trade Minister dismisses concerns over rising egg prices



Jerry Sambuaga, Indonesia's Deputy Trade Minister, has addressed the issue of increasing egg prices in the country, stating that the prices are indeed fluctuating but still reasonable, Tempo reported.


The minister visited various markets in different regions and found that while there is some price variation, prices remain relatively stable overall.


During his market review in Subang, Solo, and Lampung, the minister acknowledged that egg prices had reached IDR 40,000 (~US$2.68; IDR 1000 = US$0.064) per kg. But he also noted that many regions experienced price drops of up to IDR 25,000 (~US$1.68) per kg. He emphasised the importance of maintaining a balance in prices across the country.


The minister said that the availability of egg supply is more crucial than price hikes. He assured that commodity stocks in all parts of Indonesia are sufficient, and the Trade Ministry will continue to closely monitor egg price developments through direct observations and reports from local governments.


Reynaldi Sarijowan, Secretary General of the Indonesian Market Traders Association (Ikappi), said that the price of chicken eggs has been increasing in Indonesia in recent weeks. He attributed this trend to the rising cost of feed and an abnormal distribution process that affects the country's supply and demand.


-      Tempo

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