May 24, 2021

Melaka, Malaysia authorities to check raw chicken's safety following COVID-19 infections


The Malaysian state of Melaka has directed relevant authorities to ensure the food safety of raw chicken in the state after 175 workers at a poultry processing factory tested positive for COVID-19.


Melaka unity, human resources and consumer affairs committee chairman Datuk AR Ismail Othman said the food safety inspection is necessary to ease local concern over the supply of chicken from the factory.


"The factory is the largest supplier of chicken and poultry by-products in Melaka. Public health is our utmost priority," he said in an interview on May 23.


Ismail said the decision whether to withdraw the chicken supply would be made as soon as the inspections are done. He added that another major concern was that 40 of the factory workers who tested positive were locals.


Ismail said the factory had been ordered to be closed from May 22 to June 4.


- The Star