May 23, 2023


Jordan removes price ceiling on chicken following decrease in prices




The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply in Jordan announced the decision to cancel the price ceiling on chicken, following the notable decline in prices of fresh and live chicken, The Jordan Times reported.


Yanal Barmawi, a spokesman for Jordan's Trade Ministry, said that the ministry constantly monitors the market prices of chicken, which led to the removal of the price ceiling. The objective of price ceiling was to stabilise the supply of poultry products.


Abdel Shakour Jamjoum, President of the Poultry Investors Association, said that there are currently sufficient quantities of chicken in the local market, and prices have remained stable.


The ministry's decision prompted swift reactions from various representatives in the sector. Ahmad Al Khatib, owner of a poultry shop, noted that price regulations are typically implemented for high-demand and essential products during periods of increased demand. He further mentioned that poultry consumption tends to rise during Ramadan and holidays. Currently, prices are reasonable, with some establishments even offering discounts on their poultry products.


Mohammad Hussein, an employee at a chicken chain store, shared the current prices in their stores, stating that a whole fresh chicken is priced at JOD 2 (~US$2.82, JOD 1 = US$1.41), while frozen chicken costs JOD 1.60 (~US$2.26). Additionally, the prices of chicken cuts range from JOD 1.25 (~US$1.76) to JOD 1.60 (~US$2.26).


A statement from the ministry conveyed that fresh chicken is now being sold for less than JOD 2 (~US$2.82) per kg in certain markets, and live chicken is available for less than JOD 1.65 (~US$2.33) per kg.


-      The Jordan Times

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