May 23, 2020


China steps up aquaculture's shift to premium species  



There have been signs pointing to China aquaculture's accelerated move toward more premium species and greater emphasis on value-added production in mass-volume freshwater fish farming, SeafoodSource reports.


The report cited Guangdong Qiang Jing Group's recently announced CNY250-million (US$37.5- million) tranche into a bass-farming and -processing project in Zhuhai bordering Macau. The company had previously invested in a first round of funding in the project, together with the Guangdong Yue Nong Investment Fund Management Co.


The joint venture is at present building a 2,000-tonne-capacity seafood processing and 100,000-tonne-capacity warehousing hub in the Qiang Jing Ecological Agriculture Park, where it will farm the Bai Jiao brand of "ecological" bass.


Another project by Aohua will "transform and upgrade" the aquaculture sector in central China, according to the company's general manager, Yang Mengbo, as per report. The company now grows more bass in Hubei, he said.


We see more specialised breeding", Mengbo said in the report. "We want to introduce yellow croaker into central China. New consumers want fish with less bones and [that's] easier to process."


Still another that is making the shift is the agricultural conglomerate New Hope Liuhe, which has opened what it claims is Guangdong's biggest and most modern "biotech fish feed factory". This facility will supply high-grade feed and vitamins to the domestic crustacean sector, the report said.


The report said that other more significant private investments are expected to pour into aquaculture operations growing premium species in the coming years in China.