May 22, 2019

ICC Brazil reaches out to undergrads in animal production


To celebrate Animal Scientist Day on May 13, various universities will organize activities to demonstrate their research in this field and discuss animal production, throughout this month and the next. ICC Brazil, a company which presents innovative solutions for animal health and performance, as well as food safety, is always present in these kinds of events, aiming to encourage research and share knowledge about the field of animal nutrition.

"Publicizing ICC and what we do is very important so that students who will go on to enter the market as professionals already know the company, and see it as a point of reference in animal nutrition and health, besides food safety benefits," stated Melina Bonato, PhD in Animal Science and ICC Brazil's R&D coordinator.

This week, ICC is taking part in the XIX Semana do Zootecnista (19th Animal Scientist Week) and the VII Mostra Científica "Produção animal: inovação, rentabilidade e sustentabilidade" (7th Animal Production: innovation, profitability, and sustainability Science Show), organized by UNESP (São Paulo State University)'s PET Zootecnia group at the Jaboticabal campus (São Paulo). "We have sought to encourage and participate in this type of event, where the main focus is on undergraduate students. We believe it is important to reach this particular audience and provide information about ICC Brazil, who we are, what we do and, most importantly, to share information about our research investments and results", Bonato said.

In June, ICC will take part in UFMT (Federal University of Mato Grosso)'s VI Semana Acadêmica de Zootecnia (7th Academic Animal Science Week), in Cuiabá (State of Mato Grosso). Melina Bonato, Ph.D., will give a lecture titled "The use of additives in poultry breeding and swine farming: beyond antibiotic replacement," in which she will talk about the benefits of using yeasts in animal feed.