May 20, 2020


Thailand lifts ban on Polish eggs



The government of Thailand has lifted a ban on the import of Polish eggs and egg products, said the Agriculture Ministry's Chief Veterinary Inspectorate (GIW), The First News reported.


The statement published by the ministry states that the Thai authorities do not require additional procedures related to the approval of Polish plants on their market.


In March, the Thai government decided to introduce a temporary ban on the export of eggs to Thailand as a result of the the outbreak of coronavirus. The Thai market is running out of eggs and their prices are rising rapidly. It is estimated that consumption increased two- to three-fold, while eggs are not available in some locations, the National Chamber of Poultry and Feed Producers (KIPDiP) said.


Poland is the seventh largest producer of eggs in the EU. It is also a significant exporter of eggs, 35% of eggs produced in the country are exported abroad, KIPDiP added.