May 21, 2007


India to step up monitoring on illegal poultry imports from Burma



India is revising a poultry import ban from Burma as more smuggled poultry and pigs were detected along the border.


Most of the poultry trade between the two countries flows through the border town of Moreh in the northeastern Manipur state.


Veterinary experts have also rushed to the remote hilly villages of the state to monitor illegal import of poultry products and pigs from Burma over the past five days.


The move was taken following reports of import of poultry products and pigs from Burma through remote villages located along the porous Indo-Burma border.


Besides acting on reports of discovery of migratory birds' carcasses in the jungles along the border with Burma, an official team from the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department went for a field visit to these villages.


Indian officials have found illegal pigs and chickens being imported from Burma despite efforts to stop the smuggling.


Blood samples of the chickens in the area have been sent for testing in Bhopa, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Almost 1,500 blood samples previously sent from Manipur tested negative, the official added.