May 20, 2024


Vietnam Livestock Association urges amendments to greenhouse gas emissions decree


The Vietnam Livestock Association has submitted a document to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), proposing amendments to Decree 06 on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the ozone layer, as the association expressed concerns about the decree's impact on the livestock industry, Vietnam Net reported.


In comparison to industrialised countries, Vietnam has significant potential for greenhouse gas emission reductions across various sectors, including mining, steel manufacturing, construction, transport, afforestation, and rice farming. These sectors can implement strategies to fulfil emission reduction commitments and potentially achieve high profits, with state support for projects like afforestation and the development of a 1-million-hectare high-quality low-carbon rice area in the Mekong Delta.


However, the association highlighted the difficulties faced by the local livestock farming industry, especially in the context of global integration. They argue that now is not the right time to require livestock facilities to conduct greenhouse gas emissions inventories. The sector, currently facing numerous challenges and risks, requires state support.


The association warned of several potential issues if emissions stocktaking is mandated for livestock facilities. It would increase production costs, leading to higher product prices, which are already elevated compared to those in developed countries. Livestock facilities would need to spend an estimated VND 100 million (US$3,900) to VND 150 million (US$5,800) annually for stocktaking.


The high number of livestock facilities also poses a challenge. Most facilities, except some milk cow and pig breeder farms run by companies with good technical and management staff, are not equipped to meet the emission reduction requirements.


TH Group encountered difficulties in taking stock of greenhouse gas emissions at its farms during the first two years of a four-year inventory project, despite significant investment and guidance from foreign experts.


There are currently very few service providers and experts with the necessary knowledge and experience to advise on stocktaking and emission control in the husbandry industry. The association said that Vietnam needs more time to develop such expertise.


-      Vietnam Net

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