May 20, 2024


Increase in procurement prices of live broilers in western Tamil Nadu, India




Summer heat in India triggered a rise in procurement prices (wholesale price) of live broiler chicken across western Tamil Nadu including Tiruppur, Coimbatore, and Erode.


The procurement price skyrocketed from ₹121 (US$1.45) per kilogramme on April 21 to ₹144 (US$1.73) per kilogramme on May 18.


Speaking to The New Indian Express, P. Murugesan, a broiler farm owner said: "There aren't any changes in the price of poultry feeds including maize, groundnut cake... However, the harsh summer has affected the survival of live birds and I saw less production. For every 100 birds, I lost 10 birds due to the heat. However, due to low production, the procurement price has increased.


M. Eswaramoorthi, president of the Tamil Nadu Broiler Farm Owners Association, said: "External factors are primary reasons for price hike for the past two weeks. Heat waves have led to the death of the birds. Traditionally, a broiler farm allows the selling of chicks when they weigh above 2.2kg. However, due to frequent deaths, all poultry farms have started to sell their chicks when it weighs just 1.8kg."


In addition, large hatcheries in Palladam have started to face common problems in March and April. Due to the heat, hens start to feel uncomfortable and this results in a significant drop in chick production.


Broiler Coordination Committee secretary K Chinnasami said: "The scorching heat has cast severe impact on chicken production in almost all the hatcheries in Palladam. As a result, there is less production in hatcheries, besides the death of these birds in the poultry farms. The overall effect caused the drop in production."


An official from the Animal Husbandry Department said: "Volatile market condition is the primary reason that should be blamed for the issue. Every summer, there would be an increase in the price of live birds since there is a low arrival of (fish). Hence, the public chooses to buy chicken. However, this condition is temporary."


- The New Indian Express

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