May 20, 2021


Zucami gives an overview of Seconov poultry manure drying system


Press release




Spain's Zucami Poultry Equipment SLU is a leading company in the field of poultry equipment with more than 30 years of experience. The company's main activity is the manufacture and commercialisation of different solutions for the intensive poultry farming sector such as automated vertical battery systems for layers, broilers, pullets, breeders, quails etc., as well as aviaries, ventilation elements, and electronic control devices.

Zucami has developed a processing system that dries 85% of poultry manure in 24 hours and eliminates smells, insects, and gases derived from ammonia – the Seconov system.

In a vertical battery system, manure removal takes place using polypropylene belts with a frequency of 3 to 7 days, depending on plant length. Until now, manure was transported to the exterior, where lorries picked them up. Humidity in the battery system typically ranged between 80 and 85%.

Now, with the Seconov system, once extracted, maure is transported to the superior part of the Seconov, where a mechanical rake extends it creating a thin layer. Through a tunnel that leads to the plant and using high-pressure ventilators, the system uses the heat produced by the birds to dry the poultry manure. Once dry, the manure is dropped onto the lower level of the system, from where, after another drying process, is transported to the manure storage. With this system, poultry farmers can keep poultry manure until its commercialisation.

The main advantages of the Seconov system are:

Energy efficiency:

The heat produced inside the house by the birds are used to dry manure by inside force ventilation.

On days with a high temperature air is taken from outside.


Environmental efficiency:

Drying occurs continuously 24 hours a day, so the chicken manure remains fresh in the facilities.

With this, ammonia emissions to the atmosphere are reduced in relation to the current classic storage system until the moment of distribution in plots.

In addition, the proliferation of odours and flies is avoided, which favours a healthy environment around the farm.


Fertiliser efficiency:

The product obtained has between 80-85% dry matter, which makes it very manageable and can even be pelleted for better distribution than the usual methods.

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