May 19, 2020


Brazilian meatpacker JBS SA pursues legal action to reopen poultry plant


The plant in Ipumirim, Santa Catarina state was ordered to close by a local labour authority to prevent the spread of COVID-19, reported Reuters.


The company said the facility processing 135,000 chickens daily, with 1,400 workers was ordered to shut down by Economy Ministry labour authorities.


According to a statement by the labour authorities, inspections at the plant found that the company did not implement safe distancing measures between workers and did not introduce measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


In response, the company said it put into place strict prevention controls to stop the spread of the virus at all its plants.


The labour authorities said the poultry plant in question had already reported 86 positive COVID-19 infections. This accounts for 2% of all cases in in Santa Catarina state and 14% in that region.


A separate JBS plant located in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul state was also ordered to close down due to COVID-19.


-      Reuters