May 19, 2015


Vostermans introduces Multifan High Pressure Filter Fans in Iowa, US




Vostermans Ventilation Inc. introduces the Multifan High Pressure Filter Fans during the World Pork Expo 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa, US.


With proper ventilation in hog barns being a crucial factor for pig health, the equipment is developed for filtered hog facilities or other applications where a more stabilized pressure area is required.


At a low cost, it is able to deliver fresh air at up to 32,300 CFM.


The filter fans can help to achieve a static pressure of up to 0.5 inches of water. As a result, incoming air is mixed with the indoor atmosphere, thus preventing cold spots and better air mixing.


The fans are fitted with corrosion-proof PVC or aluminum inlet shutters.

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