May 18, 2023


Negros Occidental, Philippines municipality proposes setting up multi-species marine hatchery




The municipality of EB Magalona in Negros Occidental, the Philippines, is proposing the establishment of a multi-species marine hatchery to ensure the sustainability and growth of its aquaculture products.


Mayor Marvin Malacon said the site would be selected among three coastal villages based on the assessment to be conducted by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center-Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC-AQD) and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).


"We would like to construct a marine hatchery in any of the three suggested sites for the development of various species to yield high volume and reach (a) bigger market," said Malacon, who chairs the Negros 3rd District Coastal Resources Management and Development Council.


These mainly include bangus (milkfish), bulgan (Asian sea bass), inid (grouper), hito (catfish), talaba (oyster) and mud crab.


During Malacon's recent meeting with personnel of SEAFDEC-AQD, BFAR and the Office of 3rd District's Rep., Jose Francisco Benitez, they scheduled their visits to three proposed sites, barangays Tuburan, Pasil and Batea.


The mayor said in proposing the marine hatchery, he has drawn inspiration from the original plan of Benitez, who had filed House of Representatives Bill 74 for the establishment of a multi-species marine hatchery in Sitio Mambucog, Barangay Zone XVI in Talisay City, with a releasing station in EB Magalona.


In an explanatory note, the congressman said "the hatchery is intended not only for the blue crabs but also for other species so that fisherfolk will have alternative catch during the 'close season' for blue crabs."


- PNA / PN

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