May 17, 2024


Newly improved phytogenic feed additives by Dr. Eckel offers more effect with same dosage


Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition has just released the newly improved formula of its flagship product and feed additive, Anta® Phyt.


The next generation of the product offers a higher quantity of active ingredients, promising more effect with the same dosage, according to Dr. Eckel.


Anta® Phyt is an antibiotic-free, plant-based solution employed against gram-positive bacteria such as clostridia and Strep. suis with uniquely effective hops as the main substance. Thanks to its phytogenic components, Anta® Phyt naturally supports intestinal health, strengthens the immune system and promotes animal performance.


The new Anta® Phyt contains a higher quantity of active ingredients and has a broader spectrum of action. This means that it now offers more benefits for animal health and performance at the same dosage. The benefits include:


    - Effective against gram-positive bacteria;


    - Supports intestinal health and immune system;


    - Promotes growth and performance;


    - Improves feed conversion;


    - Reduces medication costs;


    - Promotes sustainable, healthy production.

- Dr. Eckel

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