May 17, 2018


Petersime distributor holds training seminar in Algeria


CIDAPE, an exclusive distributor of Petersime for France and French-speaking African markets, held a half-day training seminar on Petersime's BioStreamer Re-Store egg incubator  and embryo mortality for clients in Zeralda, Algeria.

As Cidape and Petersime gained a strong position in the Algerian poultry market over the years, this event drew the attention of several local hatchery managers.

The seminar brought together 115 attendees from all corners of Algeria at the AZ Hotel in Zeralda on March 27. With Re-Store as a key theme, attendees gained insights on how to cope with long egg storage times.

Incubation specialist Guy Whetherly from the Hatchery Development Department at Petersime was keen to share his experience. 

In his first presentation, Whetherly presented and introduced the latest Re-Store technology and how it decreases fertility losses. The second part of the training seminar was more practical as he explained the working method on how to improve the performance of their hatchery by using egg breakage.

To make it easy for the attending hatchery managers to put their learning into practice, an embryo development poster and a French printed version of the presentation on embryonic death were given to the attendees. With this documentation, they could share their new insights with hatchery employees.

"The presentation was very good. I gained a lot of information from Mr. Guy Whetherly. He showed us the key to success when practicing SPIDES (short periods of incubation during egg storage). He gave us the principle and the flexibility to do SPIDES management in our hatcheries," said one attendee, Mohamed Sobhy of Groupe Kherbouche.

Alice Vinchon, CEO of CIDAPE, and Christophe Boucault, the organisation's director, plan to set up similar events more often in future.