May 17, 2016


Benefits of early xylanase application in swine revealed in new video by AB Vista




The latest video in the AB Vista "Extraordinary Science Brought to Life" series reveals significant benefits for swine through early xylanase application.

The video, presented by Dr. Pete Wilcock, global technical manager at AB Vista, highlights the potential for a 6 point improvement in weight-corrected Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) as a result of xylanase application.

Dr. Wilcock discusses the potential mechanisms in delivering this response, with a focus on the ability of a xylanase to produce xylo-oligomers (AXOS) through the breakdown of long-chain arabinoxylans.

"These AXOS are fermented by the micro-flora in the lower gut of the animal, and this can increase Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs) production. The VFAs produced can be used as an energy source in older animals and can play a role in bacterial control as well as being associated with improved epithelial integrity," says Dr. Wilcock.

For maximum returns in swine, xylanase should be fed early in the nursing period, as this will ensure a dramatic improvement in FCR through to finishing, and can result in considerable cost savings due to improved feed efficiency.

"Not all xylanases produce the optimum AXOS profile. Producing an effective AXOS profile is dependent on the dose and characteristics of the xylanase used," adds Dr. Wilcock. "With the right characteristics and production of AXOS, the potential performance benefits of xylanase can be significant."

Dr. Wilcock stresses that to optimise performance benefits in animals through the mechanisms described, a xylanase used should be active in the animal, and this means that it should be thermostable, gastro-stable and assayable.

The video "Achieving consistent gains through xylanase application in swine" can be viewed on the AB Vista website.

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