May 16, 2023

China VC: Prices fall amid mounting stocks (week ended May 15, 2023)


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Demand for vitamin C remained weak as feed producers withheld buying. Producers who were keen to clear mounting stocks cut prices lately.


In the local market, 99% raw powder vitamin C prices dropped the range of RMB17.70-21.50/kg. Prices of 93% coated products fell to RMB18.70-22.50/kg. whereas those of 35% phosphorylated ones slid to the range of RMB13.20-16.50/kg.


Export prices of vitamin C (99% raw powder) dipped to US$2.55/kg whereas those of 98% coated products softened to US$2.70/kg. Prices of 35% phosphorylated vitamin C decreased to US$1.90/kg.


With sales of feed below expectation, feed producers will continue to limit purchases. Producers are likely to cut prices further to clear excess stocks.



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