May 15, 2015


Half of Russia's dairy market occupied by fake products


Up to half of Russia's dairy market are inundated with counterfeit products, according to a report by the Moscow Times.


Citing the country's veterinary and phytosanitary authority, Rosselkhoznadzor, the rise of these products has been ascribed to trade bans on Western goods as well as a declining ruble.


A recent increase of palm oil imports in the first two months of 2015 was also identified as a contributing factor to the problem. Due to its low cost, the vegetable oil is used in the production of dairy products and may have supported Russia's cheese production.


Local cheese output has performed strongly since 2014, in light of the tit for tat sanctions between Russia and Western nations over Ukraine's Crimea crisis. As milk production and importation dropped by 3% and 34%, respectively, the Russian cheese market witnessed a 34% growth in January.

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