May 14, 2020


GenetiRate fish egg sorting technology tested by major aquaculture companies



The automated egg-sorting technology from the US-based company to determine fish with better growth rates without requiring more feed, reported Fish Information & Services.


Benjamin Renquist, GenetiRate president said the company's patented method is able to find out an egg's biochemical NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). More NADH equals higher metabolism.


The origins of this method came from Renquist's initial research with zebra fish to investigate weight loss genes. This research discovered that zebra fish eggs that produced heavier fish had higher initial NADH levels.


Renquist licensed the technology from the University of Arizona, where he conducted the initial research. GenetiRate's products and methods are developed from this base research.


If NADH readings are conducted on eggs or embryo, it can identify high initial NADH levels without the variations of feed intake. It can also sort eggs with high growth potential.


An egg with high NADH levels will be tagged with a fluorescent dye that reacts with NADH. The dye glows orange when shown under green laser light. It is through this that the system can identify and sort high potential growth rate embryos.


  -  Fish Information & Services