May 14, 2019

Eastman welcomes European scientific opinion on sodium formate

Global specialty materials Eastman welcomed the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) opinion published on March 15 which concluded that sodium formate liquid has potential as a hygiene-condition enhancer for animal feed use, the company said.
The positive conclusion allows for the next step: the European Union (EU) authorisation of sodium formate for such a use.
If authorised, sodium formate will be the second EU-authorised feed additive which is considered a hygiene condition enhancer. Formic acid has been authorised for feed use since June 2017. Both feed additives have been shown to be effective against specific microbial contamination, such as Salmonella, in feed and feed materials.
Eastman's animal nutrition experts believe the authorisation of sodium formate liquid will give the EU feed industry more flexibility to offer effective solutions which reduce specific contaminations.
"Within Eastman, we look forward to this additional authorisation," said Irene Quintana, marketing director (animal nutrition) of Eastman. "It will enable us to further customise our applications and create solutions that effectively address the challenges of specific microbial contaminations in feeds and feed materials and thus contribute to safe feed for animals."

- Eastman