May 13, 2022


Tunisia raises prices of foods including milk, eggs, and poultry



Tunisia's Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries said the country will increase the prices of foods including milk, eggs, and poultry this week, following farmers' protests against soaring livestock feed prices, Reuters reported.


Feed barley prices have increased because of Russia's invasion into Ukraine affecting global grain supplies, and higher energy costs.


Unions in Tunisia said in a severe economic crisis, frequent price hikes and a loss of purchasing power might lead to uncontrollable riots.


Tunisian farmers have protested the high cost of livestock feed, with some obstructing roads and others pouring milk in the streets and threatening to stop output.


Mahmoud Elyess Hamza, Tunisia's Agriculture Minister, said they will announce a pricing revision for eggs, poultry, and milk on May 12 to secure farmers' profit margins.


Samir Saied, Tunisia's , Economy Minister, said the impact of rising wheat and oil prices on Tunisia's budget this year will be a little less than US$1.7 billion.


-      Reuters

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