May 13, 2019


Aviagen: INMAA welcomes customers to 10th Sudan Poultry Expo


INMAA, Sudan's largest semi-integrated poultry operation and a client of Aviagen, recently welcomed more than 170 parent stock (PS) and broiler customers to the 10th annual Sudan Poultry Expo, which took place in February, Aviagen said.


The expo is said to be the most important poultry, livestock and agriculture exhibition for Sudan and neighboring regions.

INMAA representatives met with both domestic and international customers, and was a golden sponsor of the event. The company is the only grandparent (GP) operation in Sudan, supplying the majority of the Sudanese market with Aviagen's high-quality Ross 308 parent stock (PS).

INMAA's company motto is "Together We Grow," which expresses the importance of the close collaboration and relationships between the company and Aviagen to offer valuable support, according to Aviagen. This theme is also applicable to the bond between Ross® and its valued distributors, who are considered an extension of the Ross team.

INMAA and Aviagen held a joint workshop before the show which all major PS operations in Sudan attended with INMAA's customer focus team and members of the Ross® Middle East and Africa (MEA) team discussing best practices to get optimum performance from Ross 308 broilers and breeders. 

INMAA general manager Mohammed Elmamoun expressed his appreciation for the successful event. 

"We enjoyed the great opportunities to network and share market insights with our customers. We would like to thank all attendees, with a special thanks to the Ross MEA team for their great presentations. INMAA will continue to bring value to its customers through day-to-day support and future joint seminars with the Ross team."
Ross MEA technical service manager Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim, who presented at the seminar, said: "Sudan represents a unique poultry market that has shown rapid growth in a short time. INMAA is highly committed to this market and to the success of its customers, and has contributed considerably to this growth. We look forward to continuing our close team work with INMAA to demonstrate that the Ross 308 brings best performance and economical return to Sudanese's Poultry market."

- Aviagen