May 13, 2019


Hong Kong will resume pigs supply from China after culling at affected abattoir


Hong Kong's authorities will allow pigs supply from China to resume in the city once all 6,000 pigs in a slaughterhouse - where an animal was discovered to be infected with the African swine fever (ASF) virus - are culled, Bloomberg reported.


Hong Kong's Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan emphasised the need to disinfect the abattoir before supply from the Chinese mainland "and other places" can resume.


"I appeal to the traders and also the buyers to co-operate with the government and let our operation continue," Chan said. "[It would be in] the best interest not only to the traders, the buyers and the entire live pork industry."

The culling is expected to start on May 13 with the slaughter and disinfection process to be completed in seven days, Radio Television Hong Kong said, citing a meeting between the government and representatives of traders.


Due to the ongoing ASF epidemic in China, the country had stopped the transport of all live pigs to Hong Kong following the first case in the city, the South China Morning Post reported.

- Bloomberg