May 12, 2022


France says grain output will be affected by dry weather



The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food said grain output in the country this year will be affected by dry weather, reducing yield potential for some crops, Reuters reported.


France, the European Union's largest grain producer, is facing low rainfall, adding to concerns of low global supply following Russia's invasion into Ukraine disrupting grain stocks from two major global suppliers.


An official from the ministry said low rainfall and dry conditions will affect cereal output.


Arvalis, a crop institute, told Reuters that the upcoming warm, dry weather forecast would cause significant damage to French grain crops.


The official said the ministry is observing field conditions, with rain important in the next two weeks to avoid yield losses in newly established plants such as corn.


Water restrictions have been imposed in some parts of France because of the below average rainfall during winter and early spring, but agriculture has been granted priority status.


-      Reuters

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