May 12, 2022


Canada to assist Ukraine export stored grains



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country will assist Ukraine to find options on exporting close to 25 million tonnes of stored grains stuck in the country because of infrastructure issues and blocked Black Sea ports following Russia's invasion, Reuters reported.


Trudeau said people are going to starve because of Russia's actions, and the world must ensure that Russia does not stop Ukrainian grain from being exported.


After Russia's invasion into Ukraine, global food prices increased to record levels in March but eased in April.


Ukraine was the fourth biggest corn exporter in the 2020/21 season and the sixth largest wheat exporter.


Ukraine has been forced to ship its grains via train over its western border, and is seeking to use ports on the Danube river in the country's south.


Melanie Joly, Canada's Foreign Minister, said Turkey's cooperation is important in getting grains out of Ukraine as the Bosphorus is fundamental to the access of the Black Sea.


According to analysts, Ukraine will have a serious lack of storage facilities in the 2022/23 season due to a substantial drop in exports.


In an unannounced visit to Ukraine, Trudeau said Canada will remove trade tariffs on all Ukrainian imports to Canada for next year.


-      Reuters

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