May 12, 2021


China imports most US corn since January despite new feed mix guidelines


The United States Agriculture Department (USDA) said China imported 1.36 million tonnes of corn from the US, matching their seventh biggest ever purchase of US corn even though China issued guidelines to reduce corn and soymeal in swine and poultry feed, Reuters reported. 


The USDA said the purchased corn will be exported during the 2021/2022 marketing year that begins in September.


This was China's biggest purchase of corn from the US since January 2021, when it booked an agreement to buy 2.1 million tonnes of US corn, it's highest ever.


Prices of corn have surged to record levels in more than eight years due to concerns of tightening global supplies for the grain because of strong demand in biofuels and dry conditions in Brazil's key growing areas.


- Reuters

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