May 11, 2022


France to lift poultry farming restrictions



The French ministry of Agriculture and Food said it will lift most nationwide restrictions imposed on poultry farming to stop the spread of bird flu as cases of the virus have been declining in recent weeks, Reuters reported.


16 million birds have been culled in France as the country coped with its worst outbreak of the virus, as it spread to major poultry producing regions in the west.


An official from the ministry said bird flu outbreaks have been reported at 1,374 farms by May 9.


Restrictions, which include keeping flocks indoors, will be lifted for all of France except the most affected regions west of the country.


The ministry also said France aims to test an experimental bird flu vaccine in web-footed birds such as ducks and geese, with the goal of presenting successful results to other European Union nations to create a common approach.


-      Reuters

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