May 10, 2022


Iceland's beef production hits record high in 2021


Farmers in Iceland produced nearly five tonnes of beef last year, an all-time record for the country.


As for this year, beef production in March was 4% higher than in March 2021. However, pork production was 8% lower than a year ago. Poultry was 3% lower.


Incubation of broilers (chicken raised for meat production) was 10% lower in March 2022 than in March 2021.


Iceland's poultry production grew by 200 tonnes between 2020 and 2021. Its pork production has fluctuated (though overall increased) over the past decade, with local farmers producing 6,580 tonnes of pork last year.


Iceland's data on meat production for 2021 was recently published by Statistics Iceland.

- Iceland Review

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