May 10, 2022


CJ BIO ANH makes organisational change to strengthen specialty business


CJ BIO Animal Nutrition & Health (CJ BIO ANH) has announced a new organisational change as part of its efforts to become a solution provider for the current challenges that the feed and livestock industries face.


The company now has two category management divisions: Amino Acid Category Management (Amino Acid CM) and Specialty Category Management (Specialty CM), to strengthen its core amino acid business and grow its new specialty products and services.


CJ BIO ANH's amino acid business has been developing fermentation technology for 30 years and is currently has 11 plants and 37 sales branches around the world. BestAmino™, an amino acid brand under CJ BIO ANH, has been a top-tier product in the global amino acid market.


CJ BIO ANH is also the only company that produces eight different types of L-amino acid through fermentation, according to the company. It is now expanding its product portfolio towards feed enzymes by taking over CJ Youtell in 2019.


As a leading company in the feed additive industry, CJ BIO ANH continues to support the global improvement of sustainability by reducing crude protein content and optimising amino acid formulation in animal feed. Academic research concerning eco-friendly animal husbandry is also conducted to lead a trend towards sustainability.


Based on its strong capability of amino acids, CJ BIO ANH has begun to focus on its specialty business through its current organisational change. The company's Technical Marketing division had been expanded to become Specialty CM, which consists of the Protein Solution, Specialty Solution, Application and Brand Marketing teams.


Organising the Specialty CM division will help to grow CJ BIO ANH's specialty product portfolio, including enzymes, and provide customised protein solutions with digital technology to diagnose animal nutrition and health, the company said.


The accumulated analysis/diagnosis capability and database of CJ BIO ANH also make it possible to build a platform for technical support and design new products. This capacity and data come from the company's Application team (within Specialty CM), which conducts in-vitro and ex-vivo experiments in-house and orchestrates in-vivo trials with universities or research institutes.


Additionally, the newly formed Brand Marketing team, also under Specialty CM, will focus on highlighting value of the business and create new momentum for new opportunities in the specialty business by hosting various online and offline events. With leading the low crude protein trends in diet, CJ BIO ANH also aims to expand its specialty business based on its precision fermentation technology as well as growing its extensive global sales and marketing networks.


For its sustainability commitment, CJ BIO ANH will provide a new range of the solution products for economic and efficient diets to achieve environmental improvement and antibiotic reduction worldwide.



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