May 10, 2021


Bahia, Brazil leads debate on creating strategic plan to tackle classical swine flu



The Brazilian state of Bahia had - through the State Agricultural Defense Agency (ADBA) - led the first national debate on the development of a national strategic plan for Brazilian states to be free of classical swine fever (CSF).


The plan concerns states that still have outbreaks of the disease, and looks to prevent CSF from spreading throughout the country since Bahia is a natural barrier due to its geographical position and complies with all health controls. This ensures that the disease does not reach the state or other territories, thus supporting better productivity and national exports.


Bahia maintains a cooperation agreement with Alagoas, Piauí and Pernambuco for the development of joint actions in case of outbreaks in these states.


The implementation of the strategic plan aims to curb the risks of new outbreaks and further stimulate exports.


- ADAB (Brazil)