May 10, 2021


Meat imports in China 6.9% higher at 922,000 tonnes


China's General Administration of Customs data showed the country imported 922,000 tonnes of meat in April 2021, 6.9% higher compared to April 2020 as the China continues to face domestic shortages of meat, Reuters reported.


The imports in April 2021 is slightly lower compared to the 1.02 million tonnes of meat in March 2021.


China continues to import large shipments of meat even as domestic pork production increased in the first quarter of this year as the country introduced intensive efforts to restock and expand farms in 2020.


A new wave of African swine fever and other livestock diseases over winter have forced producers to send swine to slaughter early, increasing meat volume.


While domestic pork prices PORK-CN-TOT-D declined in the past few months, China will continue to import meat in large volumes, as it faces a supply shortage expected to remain until the end of 2021.


Data from the General Administration of Customs showed 3.35 million tonnes of meat were imported between January to April 2021, 16.9% higher compared to the same period in 2020.


- Reuters