May 9, 2022


Ghana poultry farmers leaving business due to rising feed prices



Victor Oppong Adjei, president of the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers, said some of its farmers are leaving the business due to rising feed prices, GhanaWeb reported.


He said the members that want to stop farming have been incurring losses and do not have enough funds to feed their poultry.


Adjei said prices of 50kg corn has increased 277% from GHC 0.55 (~US$0.073; GHC 1 = US$0.13) in 2020 to GHC 1.80 (~US$0.24) in 2022. In the same period, soybean prices have gone up over 200% from GHC 1.50 (~US$0.20) to GHC 3.05 (~US$0.41), while wheat increased over 250% from GHC 0.20 (~US$0.027) to GHC 0.53 (~US$0.071).


The association announced egg prices will go up after Ramadan, with prices increasing from GHD 0.23 (~US$0.031) to GHD 0.30 (~US$0.040) per crate.


Ghana's poultry industry was affected by a bird flu outbreak earlier this year, with over 19,000 chicken died to the disease.


-      GhanaWeb

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