May 9, 2022


Sabah, Malaysia to import pork due to African swine fever and rising feed prices



Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, Sabah's Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, said Sabah state, Malaysia will approve permits for pork imports from Denmark and France due to a significant drop in pork production in the state, caused by African swine fever (ASF) and rising pork feed prices, The Borneo Post reported.


A local importer from the state has been given a license to import 28,000 kg of French pork belly. Licenses were also approved to import 241,635 kg of chilled pork and other pork products from Spain, Singapore, China, Denmark and France.


The minister said 5,534 commercial swine, 3,259 backyard swine, and 199 wild swine, have been killed by ASF as of March this year, which does not include unreported cases.


He said the ministry advises against transporting or selling live swine, and all live swine must be quarantined in situ.


Jeffrey said rising livestock prices have prompted farmers to reduce production, adding that prices for livestock feed have increased up to 40% between August 2021 to May 2022.


He said his ministry will add more overseas approved slaughterhouses to avoid a food shortage in the state. This includes additional imports of chicken meat.


-      The Borneo Post

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