May 5, 2016


Dow AgroSciences, TeselaGen advance bio-design technologies for agriculture




TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., and Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company, had announced in April a collaboration to produce a state-of-the-art biological design automation platform that can speed discovery work.


The cooperation supports Dow's belief in "using the power of nature in conjunction with advanced technology and informatics to produce and develop solutions for farmers", in order to help advance agriculture.


"TeselaGen has created a powerful suite of tools for DNA design," said Daniel R. Kittle, vice president of research and development for Dow AgroSciences. "These tools have the potential to accelerate our discovery efforts focused on providing sustainable solutions to help feed the growing world."


With a secure computational environment to design and create molecular biology research information, the private-cloud platform will enable scientists at Dow AgroSciences to advance their research to find new crop protection and seed products at an accelerated pace.


"TeselaGen is a platform that automates and optimises protocol generation for biomanufacturing," said Dr Michael Fero, CEO of TeselaGen. "This collaboration is a great complement to our previous work in medical and industrial biotechnology. We are very excited to now bring our platform to bear on problems facing farmers."

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